One-Page-Dungeon – The Defiled Ossuary – System Neutral

Traveler! Here’s an awesome one-page dungeon. It’s a self-contained adventure where everything you need fits a single page2E I make them system neutral so they20can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

Going against the forces of nature seldom ends well. Naive or brave mages delve into the arts of necromancy to defy the laws of the world. But the cycle of life and death must be fulfilled sooner or later, one way or another. To use black magic is to play with treacherous fire, many say. However, getting burned was something that did not worry Balfor, a druid. He is an experienced wood elf and a talented man of nature.

The druid has settled in an abandoned crypt and used the bodily remains therein to craft undead abominations that roam the forest looking for easy prey. The druid outcast is a peril to the locals and the woodlands creatures that live in the Great Forest. A group of valiant adventurers from a system-neutral campaign may come to save the day. Nah just joking, games aren’t system-neutral but this supplement sure is!

You can see the whole page right here:

Here are two close-up images of the one-page dungeon2E All lore and descriptions fit on a20single page. Take a look:

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