The Haunting of Deathlight Cove

Update: the Foundry VTT module for this adventure is now live, and I think its our best one yet! Thank you to Blair at Scene Packer for helping me put it all together.

I proudly present The Haunting of Deathlight Cove, a 58-page adventure for 5th Edition.

I have to be honest… I really overdid it on this one. I’ve been working on this on and off for months, and I really hope you guys can get some use out of it. 6 maps, cover art, around 25 new illustrations, 35 tokens, 58-page hyperlinked PDF, robust Foundry module, and over 35 pages of text… if it’s received well we might even make a printed version!

Steeped in History, Shrouded in Mystery

The ghost ship of an undead pirate has been terrorizing the seas, and there are rumors that his ghostly crew have infested a once popular smugglers haven. The local fisherman now call it E2809CDeathlight CoveE2809D, and none who have dared sail its waters lived to tell the tale.

Much of the lore is based of the true life story of Captain Kidd, a famous privateer-turned-pirate that had to be hanged twice as the first noose snapped!

The Haunting of Deathlight Cove is a 5e adventure designed for four to six 6th-level characters, but can easily be scaled for parties of different levels. It can be played over 3 to 4 sessions, but instructions for running it as a one-shot or for expanding.

Lots of Details, Effectively Organized

As many of you know, lately I’ve been inspired by Swordfish Island’s The Dark of Hot Springs Island and MC3B6rk Borg, and you might notice some of that influence in the layout of this adventure. Mini-maps, organized lists of room contents, and descriptions of every entrance and exit from a location make running the adventure a breeze. I’ve opted for “more information than you need” approach, but most of the detail is optional and ignorable: the meat of the adventure is in the first few chapters and the rest is just dressing.

The Darkest Hideout

Another recent influence has been the indie video game The Darkest Dungeon, specifically Chris Bourassa’s comic book style line art. I’ve create 10 character portraits, 6 item handouts, and several sketches to help you and your players visualize the locations and characters in Deathlight Cove.

Maps on Maps on Maps

Most of you will recognize the pirate hideout from earlier this year. I promised back then to have descriptions for the rooms… and the result turned into this massive project. Its 4 levels combine to make a massive 66″ x 94″ C2A0map… that’s almost 9 ft long if you printed it!

There are also 2 ship maps included: the ghost ship Revenant and a derelict sloop with a new version made specifically for this adventure.

Foundry VTT

On thing to note: as of this writing the module is live!

At over 35 pages of text and 100 journal entries, there is a lot to input, and I wanted to publish this ASAP in case anyone had hopes of starting the adventure on Halloween weekend. We are aiming for this weekend, fingers crossed.

Music from McRo Music

McRo Music also made an awesome track for Deathlight Cove. It’s perfect to blast in the background while you players explore the cove. Download Haunted Hideout and make sure to check out his patreon.

Free Download | The Haunting of Deathlight Cove: Silver Edition

$3 Quartermaster Rewards & PDF | The Haunting of Deathlight Cove, Maps, Tokens, and Tiles

$5 Captain Rewards & PDF | The Haunting of Deathlight Cove, Maps, Tokens, Tile, & Handouts

$10 Admiral Rewards & PDF | The Haunting of Deathlight Cove, Maps, Tokens, Tile, & Handouts, PDFs of maps, Foundry VTT Module (Coming Soon)

Check it out!