House of Thalivar Map Pack

House of Thalivar [4 Floors] – [26 x 26]

This is my latest interpretation of encounters from Storm Lord’s Wrath, the ruined mage tower located in Leilon known as the House of Thalivar.

The mage tower is [4] floors high and under construction, so the eastern face is covered mostly in scaffolding.

As with many of these maps, I’ve tried to stay faithful to the source map, while making a handful of additions/changes that I think allow the encounter(s) to be expanded and/or changed, as well as placing a bit more detail that may be good hooks for DM’s to use for expanded lore, scenarios or encounters.

I’ve also increased the size of the tower (making it circular), and I would likely play this tower on a 26 x 26 grid (per floor), or 70 x 56 with all [4] floors on one map, to provide more space to move around and explore.

A few things I’ve added:

[1st Floor]

Expanded the study a bit.

Provided some hints in the southeastern chamber as to the fey nature of its occupant.

[2nd Floor]

Expanded all of the rooms.

Added drawn runes outside each door (Could be made part of a puzzle, wards, summoning traps,

nothing, etc…)

Added a book at the base of every statue (Perhaps it means something…)

Added a lot of scattered books and pages.

[3rd Floor]

Expanded the wizard’s study.

Created a secret door leading to potential treasure (if the party notices the spatial difference)

Added a summoning circle to the bedroom.

Added a guest quarters, just to give another room to investigate.

[4th Floor]

Added the prisoner cages.

Added the bones of one of the invading creatures.

Added a victim of said creature holding a slightly glowing sword (Perhaps just a light spell).

Added some structure to the destroyed planar gate, perhaps hinting at ways the party could repair/restore it (i.e. different color gems in particular positions, missing a handful, etc…)

Obviously, all of these additions could easily just be hand waved away in lieu of running the traditional encounter(s) and be considered simply flavor.

Tier Rewards will be sent out shortly!

I hope you enjoy it!