Sky Ship Docks

A place for high flying adventurers to gain passage on a mighty ship of the air or to see about gaining access to precious air freight.

These docks are designed to handle cargo from these airships and perform essential maintenance on any docked vessels.

This is a 80×50 battle map with or without a 1″ grid at 140 DPI.

The VTT file is attached to this post, or you can use this link to get the grid version and this link for the no grid version.

Extra Variants and Print Quality Available for Patrons

Patrons gain access to all variants for this map as well as over 340 unique maps already released on this Patreon. This includes versions at print (300DPI) quality.

These variants include an empty sky dock, night time and a space version.

If you’re not a Patron then these links won’t work, however you can always check out my free maps to have a better look at a wider sample of what’s on offer.

I have a selection of maps freely available too.C2A0This post has all of the free content for this Patreon head over and take a look.

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