The City of Sabras

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the City of Sabras, the final map for the Ports & Harbours theme2E

The most northern city of Sovar is the city of Sabras, at the mouth of the Dehr river. It’s an important trade port on the east coast of Wordal and provides a great and consistent income for those who control it.

No too long ago Sabras was part of the kingdom of Rasfadal. C2A0It was among its most important trade ports and allowed the kingdom to effectively trade with the clans of Olorlay and Knurden.C2A0

In 1246, during the War of the Vale, Sovar managed to occupy most of northern Rasfadal, including the town of Mystdal and the city of Sabras. Lord C386lfred, a Fendalian baron, betrayed his kingdom and assisted the Archduchy of Sovar in its conquest. This betrayal earned him the title of Duke of Varasia. He now rules over Varasia from the city of Sabras, the capital of his new dominion.C2A0

In the past Sabras saw a lot of traders and important mainly wool, furs, hides and metals. Since the archduke took over those trade relations have been all but terminated, instead focussing on importing exotic spices and herbs from Elmara and Araboatora. As soon as these goods are sold they are loaded onto royal caravans and trout to the capital of Sassarras. Duke C386lfred does not know why these goods are so precious to his liege, but he has little interest in figuring out.C2A0

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