WIP May Teaser! Temen, Boondaburra Navigator

The platy’s come in a few different sizes, currently small, medium, and large. Temen is the largest size, compared to Gesi and Ragas who are medium, and Captain Siduri and Ushar being the smallest sized. I’m hoping the different sizes will make them fun to line up together as a group 😀

Temen – Boondaburra Navigator

Temen serves as The BudgerigarE28099s navigator, guiding the ship through the complex and dangerous currents between Boondaburra and the mainland. HeE28099s a gentle soul who prefers his books and charts to the usual violence of pirate life. However he also acts as the main muscle of the crew, and his impressive strength has gotten them out of several sticky situations. His usual weapon is an old anchor from the first ship he ever sailed with.

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