Hag’s Hovel

Got another map here from the 5E Candlekeep Mysteries adventure, this time the Hag’s Hovel from the Lore of Lurue chapter. As you can likely imagine… it involves a hag! And all of the classically nasty things those creatures can get up to. The contents of the hovel obviously correspond with details encountered in the adventure, but I’ve also included a less spooky, unfurnished variant for customization for those of you who may just like the base layout of the map itself.C2A0

In addition to the standard variants without grid and at VTT-compressed resolution, you’ll also find the aforementioned unfurnished variant, one with labels (like featured above), as well as two roof PNGs for both the main hovel and the hag’s menagerie (H3).

If you like this one and want to see more of what I’ve done for Candlekeep thus far, click the “candlekeep” filter tagged to this post!C2A0

Hag’s Hovel ZIP DownloadC2A0

Check it out!