May Preview!

10 Berber Horse Archers: As usual, bows and arrows are separate. So, even in just the 11th century alone, the Andalusian and Christian Spaniards saw camels, and even elephants on the iberian peninsula, as crazy as that sounds. Perhaps one day i’ll take on the challange of elephants, though how they were used and what they and their riders looked like, I currently have no clue. Horse archers were present as well and we have some contemporary art depicting them. C2A0But for both the Andalusians and Almoravids and Almohads, basic spearmen were the most common troops. And i’ll add some later. One month, i’ll like to add a mixture of basic Berber and Andalusian spearmen, but quite a few in total.

Chicken Coop: As i’ve mentioned before, I not only want to create warriors to represent both sides of the battlefields throughout the Reconquista, I want the whole setting and land to be present. So starting with a well, and now expanding with a chicken coop, this is a further step towards that. The fences are separate pieces for allowing a customized construction of the farm.C2A0

Chickens and Sheep: C2A0For starters. On other months, I also will make cows and pigs, and whatever other farm animals can be found throughout. Plus hay, farm tools, more peasants: townsfolk and farmersC2A0

Peto de Animas: Another wayshrine. I felt motivated to find something to add during Easter, and though this is actually fitting for Good Friday, I still thought it was just cool and wanted to do it. C2A0The boulder is not present there in real life, but it’s a mixture of different things I’ve seen while searching. Comes in multiple parts. I’m still deciding on the default size, but thankfully for 3d printing, you call can decide for yourself if you’d prefer a different size.

Everything is designed to be printed in a small 3d resin printer. I have an Elegoo Mars 2 and Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k. Let me know what you think!

Check it out!