The Forgotten Temple of Nine Eyes

Each month, weE28099ll revisit a (Patron-voted) old series of choice to make a brand new sequel for it. This month itE28099s time to discover treasure or the truth slithering about The Forgotten Temple of Nine Eyes!

This was actually one of our first ever series and weE28099re really excited to see its continuation.

HereE28099s the sixth part.

Shallow water surrounds the relics of an ancient time. It is here that they prayed to the one with nine eyes; a supposed existence beyond the realms of our understanding. In exchange for offering flesh and blood, they were given prosperity and divine protection.

However, there were those who opposed these cultists and the “god” they falsely idolized. They believed that this creature, hailed as an ancient protector, was in fact a fake that would give nothing in return for the countless lives fed to it. They believed it to be nothing more than a dark being known as a basilisk. Yes, it had nine eyes and was easily three times the size of what was described as a basilisk’s characteristics, but there was a sinister feeling of uncertainty that they couldnE28099t keep from crawling under their skins.

Alas, it’s a history now recorded in ruins long forgotten. Nature has taken over and their eternal religious strife has turned to rubble. The temple, once a glorious place for devotees no longer boasts its shimmer and shine, with its stone slabs decorated in dirt and moss. But still, could this truly be all that’s left… or perhaps there are more secrets slithering underneath the ruins waiting to be uncovered.

~ WeE28099re hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for another series next month!

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