Goblin Cave WIP

Hi everybody,C2A0

here’s a very work in progress render of the Goblin Cave’s altar coming next month. In Tlon, Goblins tend to worship the Green Mother, a deity of growth, fertility and nature. Her sacred animal is the snail, and her symbol is a stylized spiral. Goblins’ diet is usually vegetarian, but they regularly perform complicated sacrificial rituals after which they consume the offerings. And they have a thing for human sacrifice.

This scatter terrain piece needs a lot of decoration still (as well as thicker rope/vines if the test prints fail), then it will be sliced up and ready for your printers! I’ll show you the tiles, monsters and more terrain as soon as they are ready, but maybe I can show you another WIP before the end of the month.

As always, on April 30 I will remove the drive links to the Laboratory; you will be able to download the set forever from MMF. Let me know if you have troubles doing so.

It is everything for now. I wish you happy hobby time! 🙂

Check it out!