Potion E28093 Coppercan’t

This potion is based on the Copperhopper.

E2809CWell this coppercan quickly turned into a coppercanE28099t, right?E2809D Whenever his assistant thought that the professor canE28099t come up with even more eye-rollingly awful names for his discoveries than E28098VamsterE28099, he was proven wrong everyE280A6singleE280A6time. This strange liquid is no exception. Spoiled by time, its original intend remains a secret. Similar cans depicting other protobots suggest a beneficial application on copperhoppers E28093 the actual effect, however, is long gone. What remains is a foul taste, able to bring its consumers close to experience life as a copperhopper themselves.

REWARDS Critter Connoisseur

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Potion Card & ArtC2A0

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