Who can help solve the terrible Taint of the Forest


Traveler! It’s been a cool while since we published a regional adventure. This is the map of the Valley of Sapphires, a small county that has a very big problem with overgrown and aggressive creatures that emerge from the souther forest and attack passersby and travelers. They are all the creation of a nefarious druid that was slighted by the count twenty years ago.

He’s carried this grudge since then and will not be stopped until the City of Sapphires is done for or after the count and the crown issue an official apology for the insult from way back when. He also expects to be reinstated to his former position in court. Is this even reasonable? The count thinks not. He offers a sizable bounty for valorous adventurers willing to infiltrate the druid’s lair and put a stop to his animal-enhancing nonsense.

This is a level neutral regional adventure with a ton of exploration, following clues in several ruined settlements, and negotiation with a deadly and nefarious druid. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here are two closeups of the regional map to see the detailed illustration.

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