Neverwinter Wood Project – Square 3 Map Pack!

This C2A0is the 4th installment of expansive forest maps designed to provide a C2A0huge playground for random encounters, set encounters and explorable C2A0wilderness. Each map has as combination of transparent trees for cover C2A0and a variety of POI (points of interest) that are unique to that map.

This map features:

  1. A road running north and south along the western edge.
  2. A small lake.
  3. An exposed hole surrounded by cracked earth.
  4. Several large boulders/rocks.
  5. Two towering spires of rock connected by a natural stone bridge.
  6. A large stone atop one of the spires carved with runes and sigils.
  7. A cave entrance amidst some gullys.
  8. A cave entrance entering one of the spires.

The C2A0maps are designed to be contiguous, linking this stretch of wood with C2A0other similarly-sized sections to create a huge forest of explorable C2A0area.

Tier Rewards will be sent out soon.

I hope you guys like it and can use it for all kinds of adventures!

Check it out!