New Character Creation Rules! (5e supplement)

For a long time I have been dissatisfied with the rigid character creation rules for D&D 5e. Though Tasha’s tried to patch the problem, I was still left wanting. It felt like they removed any meaningful choice that came with the options the Wizards themselves laid out in the sourcebooks.

By saying essentially “pick whatever you want” any characters that would have been sub-optimal or playing “off-type” now don’t get to have the fulfilment of being a unique, different, or surprising character. While there is merit to both methods, I prefer for the choices that are made during character creation to be more than cosmetic.

This is my attempt to present a more structured and clear alternative to the Wild West that Wizards created in their own game. I hope you try it out and I look forward to hearing what you think.

Happy Hunting!

– themattalorian

Check it out!