The worst fate of all is being interred in the Flowery Catacombs!

Traveler! A common tale that elvish parents tell their children is that of the Sacred Seeds. It helps their children learn the differences between good and evil, and how taking something that does not belong to you can bring dire consequences. The Sacred Seeds tells the story of Daerin and his friends. They thought it would be a good idea to steal one of the seeds of the Tree of Knowledge from their tribe. They left the magical Woodlands to hide in the Material Plane but the old elven witches tracked them down and cursed them for eternity.

Their punishment still continues to this day. They all experienced horrible deaths and their remains were buried in a crypt. All the ravines and greenery that grew over their niches, tombs, and sarcophagi blossomed white roses with deranged, insane eyes on their cores. Daerin and his cursed friends are a nightmare come true to treasure-seekers. But maybe, if someone can see past these horrors and fight them, Daerin can find peace at last…

This is a level 6 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling in an elvish catacomb, and the chance to help souls that have suffered for eons. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of Daerin’s burial place. The vines that grow from its base reach the ceiling and sprout dozens of flowery eyes that guard the room for eons and eons with nothing else to do. This nothingness and lack of purpose cause Daerin’s insanity.

The antechamber is the only place explorers and would-be tomb robbers have ever visited. The elvish, undead abominations that dwell therein have made quick work of those poor individuals who dared delve into it. The eastern altar features an obscure entity from the Woodlands, a being of vines and branches.

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