Harlequin’s Haven Rotating Dungeon Map Pack!

Hey guys — super excited about this one!

Welcome to Harlequin’s Haven, a mystical, rotating dungeon that may appear at the base of any stairway, luring adventurers into its depths.

This dungeon is not a typical one — it is not the remnant of a place that once was, but more the playground of a powerful entity or deity that delights in the struggles of mortals to solve its riddles, puzzles and challenges.

I’ve included a short write up on the nature of the dungeon itself, but the dungeon is comprised of [3] sections, the center, inner and outer squares. Each of these squares can rotate, up to 90 degrees, to confuse the adventurers. This means that you could easily walk through a doorway, return later and find the doorway either gone, or leading to an entirely different section of the dungeon.

I’ve also included a Legended version of the map, which I will be referencing in a future document that walks through the various chambers and provides suggestions for challenges, puzzles, riddles and obstacles to present to the party. You are, however, free to create whatever scenario(s) you choose for the various chambers.

I didn’t want you to have to wait for the full write up, so I’m releasing the map now and will release the write up/adventure, as soon as I can finish it!

Tier Rewards will be sent out shortly!

I hope you guys love it, and can make some good use of it!

Check it out!