Little Five Points c. 1994

If youE28099ve been following my non-map posts recently, youE28099ll know that IE28099m running a classic styled Wraith: the Oblivion chronicle set in Atlanta in 1994 (the era and place that the game was written in and where they set a lot of their initial material which confronts the horrors of the SouthE28099s past in the form of immortal southern aristocrats and the underworldE28099s reliance on people as property and even as money).

One of the main points of interest in the game (and honestly, in Atlanta in general if youE28099ve ever lived there) is Little Five Points E28093 the Bohemian shopping centre of the city, and where all the cool kids used to go to show off exactly how cool they are E28093 the skaters there to out-trick each other, the punks to out-cool, and the goths to out-pout each other while taking languorous drags from their clove cigarettes.

The next session report for the chronicle is set in Little Five, so I figured I should have a map of the area ready for use in-game and to go with the session reports here.

So here it is E28093 my version of Little Five Points circa 1994. Some of the shops are fictionalized, others are in the wrong buildings (my own recollections from Little Five date back to 1990-1991 before most of the current E2809ClandmarksE2809D of the neighbourhood were there, and the current maps arenE28099t much help) or have been shuffled around to allow for some shops that never co-existed in our own timeline to do so in the Wraith chronicle.

Originally I was planning on expanding the map into the residential neighbourhood around the main commercial intersection, but in a month I havenE28099t gotten to it yet, so I donE28099t expect I ever will now. And leaving the residential areas up to everyoneE28099s imagination does a better job than strict street maps would provide anyways.

And if you want to use this street map for something less Atlanta-specific, thereE28099s the map element without any of the tags on the Dodecahedron.

Check it out!