No Maps This Month | RIP Enzo

On Tuesday, our first and oldest ferret, Enzo, passed away in his sleep. His passing was unexpected, though peaceful and likely without pain. He was surrounded by his friends – Fennec, Cass, and Snoozer II – who all made sure that he was warm and safe and loved.

I’ll be honest in saying that I was never a pet person growing up. I loved the dogs and cats I had when I was a kid, but in a way that was somehow different than the love I felt for the people in my life, the people I call my family. But Enzo changed that. I originally got Enzo as a Christmas gift for my then girlfriend (now wife), commemorating our second Christmas together as a couple. He was the first ferret I’d ever had and he introduced me to how wonderful these little critters could be.

A couple of months after we got him, we took him to the beach. Ferrets are burrowing animals so we expected he would enjoy digging in the sand. We were right! He dug out a big hole for hours. But instead of getting comfy in his new burrow, he kept getting back out and tugging on our clothes to bring us into it. As soon as he saw that we didn’t fit, he went right back to digging as hard as he could. He didn’t want to rest until my wife and I – his family – could fit in the burrow with him. He kept digging until the sun went down. It was right then that I knew Enzo would be special.

Enzo has been with us for what feels like forever and I never truly thought what life would be like without him. I keep finding stray blankets or hoodies piled up on the floor and expecting to see Enzo curled up in them when I go to pick them up. It breaks my heart a little every time he’s not there.

Needless to say, this unexpected passing has hit our family very hard. While there are map packs that were going to be ready for release by month’s end, but I am simply not in a place to assemble them before Saturday.

If anyone would like a refund for April, that is 100% justified and we (Tristan and I) completely understand. Just send me a message here or by email ( and I’ll provide it, no questions asked.

Rest assured, we have some really cool stuff coming up that I’m sure y’all will be excited about. Here’s some previews of what we intended to put out for April but will now be coming out sometime in May:

Thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time. I will update again once I’ve had some time to recover with my family.

Check it out!