Preview of some of May’s minis

Hey guys, so continuing with my Descent into Avernus campaign, we’ll be entering the Vanthampur Manor for May. As well as some personalities that we’ll encounter, theres also a ton of guards around the place. I didn’t feel that generic town guards or anything would fit the bill for a noble residence, so I’ve made these somewhat classier style of guards with some expensive threads to show their status.

I also made them in a format that could work for rank and file should you wish to make them into a unit for your tabletop wargames.

They come in indoor and outdoor variants (the guys outdoor have their hooded cloaks to keep them warmer and dry whilst patrolling the manor). There are also some variants of these guys coming too who have halberds, different helmets and a little more armour if you need a more elite looking guard. They should be ready later today so I’ll render them up then.

Character wise we have the remaining Vanthampur family members that haven’t yet been made – Duke Thalmara and her son Thurstwell, their 4 servants and their pet tressym Slobberchops! Cheers!


Check it out!