Settlements of Dawn – May Announcement

Dawnseekers, Bringers of Light, Bright Navigators. Seekers.

They are known by many names.

Their main goal is to find places where new bastions of civilization, settlements and cities can be created.

Seekers lead Expeditions through wild regions often inhabited by hostile folks and monsters, fighting for every useful piece of land suitable for living. They must be not only outstanding navigators, but also strategists, military leaders and, if necessary, diplomats.

The civilization bastions created by them are commonly known as the Settlements of Dawn. Each city they founded is a new breath of hope for civilized peoples, each day facing the dangerous realities of the world in which they live.

Settlements of Dawn will be featured for the first time in May Rewards.

The general idea is quite simple: Explorers called Dawnseekers establish cities – also in places like Realm/Plane of Life/Death/Fir /Others2E

Settlements of Dawn will be a series or a20new “category” of models, and their first release in May will feature buildings and “work in progress” buildings with a specific style, decorations that will recur in future models in the series (symbols like Sun etc).

Over time, new types of buildings, statues, arcane engines will appear to provide defense for settlements, caravans. There will also be models that are additionally matched (but retain the original character) to the respective Realms the settlement comes from (more nature/fire/death/etc look).

Models IE28099ve been creating are quite unique – and this is probably one of their greatest strengths and the addition of more “standard” models to my catalog does not mean that these crazy, weird and unique models will stop appearing in future Rewards. They will simply be published alongside the “more standard fantasy” of objects (which will still have their own unique character).

So you don’t have to worry that from now on I will only create “boring” models. 😉

One more thing I’ll start paying attention to is the amount of material used and the printability in the resin.

Resin printers are getting bigger and cheaper, and the resin itself is becoming more user-friendly. Personally, I use a resin printer more and more and I suspect that this technology will increasingly replace FDM. Therefore, I will try to make as many of my models as possible to be adapted to the resin.

Supportless or simply pre-supported.

What do you think about these ideas? If you have any ideas or suggestions of your own, please share them with me.

Thank you for all your support. It is extremely important to me.

Have a great day,

Przemyslaw, 3DHexes

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