Umber Hulk’s Shell Tavern Map Pack!

This is my latest addition to mapped buildings of Leilon, the Umber Hulk’s Shell Tavern located in the southwest section of town, near the shoreline and southern stretch of docks.

The tavern is two stories and built to accommodate a healthy amount of travelers, anticipating a lot of business from ships coming to dock, as well as travelers coming through the port town by wagon.C2A0

The first floor contains a common room, kitchen, storage, [2] six-bed suites and [3] one-bed rooms on the first floor. Mounted atop the bar is the stuffed head of an old umber hulk, a feature that sparks many conversations, as well as a draw for visitors coming through the port village.

The second floor contains a large two-room suite with [6] beds, [2] four-bed rooms, [1] three-bed room and [1] single bed suite.

The tavern could become a home base for the party, or perhaps even owned by them if they participate in the construction. If you aren’t running that trilogy, then this could just be a great port tavern for use in your homebrew campaigns!

Tier Rewards will be sent out shortly!

I hope you enjoy it!

Check it out!