Enter the Underdark Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! Here is my next map for you lovely people, Enter the Underdark. A small Keep or Outpost, embedded into the side of a cliff with an entrance to the Underdark at its rear. I imagine this is an Outpost for Drow or Duergar, a place to muster troops or raiding parties. Or maybe it’s just a guard post, preventing unwanted entry into their domain. Either way, if the party want to go into the Underdark they need to get past this place. I think this would also work as a defensive position for any number of E28098last standE28099 style battles, like the E28098HelmE28099s DeepE28099 battle in LotR.

Next Maps

My next map project will be The Great Machine (Doomsday Machine). Then either the KoboldE28099s Den of Traps or Dwarven Mine later next month.

  • The Great Machine (Doomsday Machine)
    I love the way machinery looks, the cogs, chains, pistons and spinning doodads! Orreries (models of the solar system) are fascinating and IE28099d love to create a giant machine room map based on this idea. Perfect for that doomsday machine the party just has to stop!
  • The KoboldE28099s Den of Traps
    This map will be a complex cave system with plenty of tunnels and passages, along with locations for traps, E28098Kill RoomsE28099 and Murder Holes. Very much inspired by the ideas behind TuckerE28099s Kobolds (Google them, it’s a fun story).
  • Dwarven Mine ( suggested by Scrowyrtha)
    I have completely missed creating a general Mine, so IE28099ll be making a Dwarfen mine with cut rock walls, shafts, open caverns, mine machinery and a mine face or two.

Check out my older maps releases here, they are free to download for Patrons:
Map List (Download links)C2A0

Thanks so much for your support, I canE28099t wait to work on the Great Machine, its going to be so much fun! Hope you all have a great weekend and as always happy adventuring! Now let’s go siege this keep!

Map Descriptions

The Battlements

The grey stone battlements cast long shadows across the hidden valley. A long flight of steps lead to a rusty iron gate, on either side guard towers loom above, arrow slits dark in their stonework. Behind the gate is a long passage, unlit and shrouded in darkness. The gate is closed, blocking your way.

The Gated Tunnel

The gate is old and rusty, its hinges protest as you force it open. C2A0Ahead of you, a narrow tunnel leads forty feet under the cliff and into the Outpost. At the other end is an identical looking gate, currently closed. There are openings along both walls, narrow slits which open into rooms on either side of the tunnel.

The Courtyard

Stepping out of the tunnel you are greeted with an impressive sight. Before you is an enclosed courtyard, built within a large cavern. Around the edges of the courtyard, mainly to your left, are stacks of supply crates. Along the right wall is a row of large iron cages. Directly to your left and right are steps leading up onto the battlements. Four doors, two on either side of the entrance tunnel lead into other rooms. Directly opposite you is the opening to a large cave with steps leading downwards into darkness.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×45 Grid Map
  • The interior of the Outpost could be built into the cliff or the Outpost could block a narrow valley, with the courtyard being open air (the rooms having slate roofs).
  • The Outpost is designed to be easily defended from the front. However, it has its weaknesses. The party could trick their way in, bribe the guards, sneak over the walls or force their way through the tunnel. Hint at some of these with subtle descriptions. The guards are probably not used to people wanting to get into the Underdark, so assume they are at least slightly incompetent 😉
  • Have the party race to rescue some prisoners before they are taken into the Underdark!
  • The party could be captured by Drow (or Duergar) and locked up here, ready to be taken deeper!
  • A contact has found a secret entrance to the Underdark, the party is tasked with investigating the Outpost. Maybe they are disguised as guards for a supply caravan.
  • Have your party surprise a group of Drow, once you finish the encounter, give your players information on the location of a supply Outpost for the Underdark. Who knows what treasures the Drow are transporting?
  • The Outpost has been overrun with monsters, dead Drow litter the interior, the place is quiet, TO QUIET! Orcs, goblins, or any number of other humanoids could now inhabit the Outpost, waiting to ambush anyone that investigates the structure.
  • This would make a great last stand encounter location, have a few NPC defenders on the walls, a haggard commander with a look of hopelessness in their eyes. But maybe, just maybe, the party can make the difference?


Lit and unlit versions for all variants

Need a mountain location or a far north setting? I have a snow variant for you!

Not going to the Underdark? I’ve also created a desert pass variant as well.

I’ve also added a broken gates version for each of these. Which could help if you want the Outpost to be abandoned.

Check it out!