Fort Foul Luck

A stone fort erected on the wild frontier, advancing civilization one more determined step outwards…

This 44×32 map is inspired by the time I spent with Elden Ring so far, and my fascination with its level design. My goal was to play with the same non-linear and elevation-mixing ideas and create a similar sort of place on a battle map scale. This foggy keep was the result.

I personally plan on populating it with equal parts archers and soldiers, perhaps with a single spell sniper or healer on the top of the octagonal tower. Those soldiers would clog up the stairs while arrows and magic were flung at the player characters from afar, putting pressure on them to try the different avenues and take out that caster.

Of course, castles are also useful as home bases, defensive encounters, and miniature towns! I’d love to hear what Fort Foul Luck becomes in your campaign setting, so please share below if you put it to use. 🙂

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