Mind Prison – Adventure Collaboration

Pleased to sneak in a bonus release at the end of the month here: another adventure made in collaboration with our friends at Kelfecil’s Tales!

Last month as a part of our 5 year mapping anniversary I revisited one of my very first dungeons, The Drowned Archives, and recreated its entirety at encounter scale. You can find those rather large dungeon layouts here. For those of you who may remember way back then, the archives were a dungeon nestled within several other maps that constituted part of a setting I was working on at the time, a location known as Isle Grayspire.C2A0

One of my goals when coming back to the map was not only to update the visuals, but also to renovate the humble adventure outlines I provided for the location at the time. And that’s where Kelfecil’s Tales come in! Together we’ve realized a new vision for the location that will make it easier to plug-and-play in your own campaign and introduces a myriad of exciting new elements like the Nalar race of creatures and a time-sensitive escape from a flooding compound.C2A0

The adventure provides some background on Isle Grayspire and makes use of another old battle map I’d made for the location known as the Gray Ruins that I have since come back and given some touchups knowing it’d be used here. Both of those locations are being rereleased with this adventure and are available for download below.C2A0

Finally, the interior of the PDF (and as separate token downloads) features the work of a new artist friend: Dusky Cat! Dusky has just launched a patreon page of their own this week and will be releasing a steady stream of art, tokens, and creature statblocks for TTRPGs. If you like the work here and want to get in on the ground floor of an artist’s new foray into patreon, check them out!

Check it out!