The Grand Bazaar

In the port city of HeE28099rath can be found the Grand Bazaar. Farhaan Al-Fulani, a retired mercenary, established the bazaar in old coastal fort at the junction of sea and caravan trade routes2E Filled with skilled craftsmen, talented artisans, and ambitious merchants, wonders from across the Inner Sea, goods from the salt road, and the loot of daring adventurers find their way to the Bazaar. What treasures, adventures, and excitement await you in the Grand Bazaar?

The Grand Bazaar map pack is offered in both day and night versions2E A labeled version is also included. It is available high resolution gridded/gridless JGP [256dpi], gridless PNG [128dpi], and VTT [70dpi].C2A0

This map was produced entirely with Crosshead Studios assets which can be found at

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