Who’s worthy of wielding the Lost Scroll of Wishes


Traveler! A wizard named Vinik Carvajal left the land after a great disappointment. He wished to help the universe he lived in so he spent a great deal of his life creating a scroll with the power to change the world but all kings, dukes, and even the poor talked about power, wealth, and domination when he made a suggestion about using his gift to society. He hid the scroll and placed powerful spells to protect it. He left with the hope that someone, someday, would find it and use it for good2E

Whoever comes to this place must be ready20to fight Vinik’s guardians and prove themselves worthy of this power. The clever mage left some messages behind for future prospects. They are warnings mostly. He swears he shall seek whoever wastes his gift on selfish ways, for his dream is still to benefit this world with his power.

This is a level 9 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling in an elvish catacomb, and the chance to acquire a wish spell!

Here’s a close-up of the Lost Scroll’s hiding place. A dungeon full of deadly guardians, dangerous traps, and a tribe of strange underground dweller troglodytes!

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