Winding Forest Path (30×30) Public


Adventurers are often found traveling in the lush forests of the world. In these dangerous times, should you find yourself taking a stroll through the woodland, rest assured youE28099ll find a party of heroes or two just wandering around.

Probably with a goal in mind, or just trying their luck exploring, these highly dangerous individuals are best avoided. For some of them, even though they initially have good intentions, end up burning and killing everything in sight for no apparent reason.

Still, you can take a chance and approach them with your problem. Who knows, maybe youE28099re one of the lucky few that encounters a party that can take care of your dilemma without any hassle.

Patrons will get higher resolution maps, gridless versions, alternate color palettes and variations with different amount of props. Check outC2A0the image below to see what’s included in each tier!

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