WIP May Teaser! Sertap, Dire Clam God

Our last model for May is here! Erin’s been working hard on this one, and still has a few finishing touches to complete it so we can submit it to Atlas for supporting. This is going to be a showpiece sized model (although we’ll make sure it fits a Phrozen Sonic Mini)! This is the first time we’re depicting a god from the CobraMode Universe, as most of the gods we’ve talked about before are dead with their mind-image being used as a source of magic power for mortals… You can read more about it is our CobraCompendium: https://bit.ly/3om6snOC2A0

Sertap, Dire Clam God

Exalted of the sea, Sertap is an intelligent, ancient, and monstrous god whose power is immense and terrifying. Worshipped and feared as the Scourge of the Boondaburra Seas, all sailors toss a gold coin into the water to soothe SertapE28099s wrath before a voyage. Their superstitions say that Sertap loves treasure above all, and keeps a vast hoard somewhere in the watery depths. Making its briny domain in the deepest reaches of the sea, Sertap rises to the surface periodically in order to hunt and to feed, and is especially attracted to magical items or persons.

Check it out!