Collegium of Mystic Arts: Grand Hall

Hello folks!

This time interior, for (hopefully) upcoming series of interiors for the Collegium. I have prepared for you some sort of phased maps sequence in variations – let me know if this is something useful for you and if you’d like to see more of it!

It is rather peculiar hall to eat in… So many mysterious spots telling story of this place. Something tells me, this hall isn’t only suitable for everyday meals. It is up to you to discover its’ secrets.


Adept Journalist Download: – 1

Apprentice Storyteller Download: – 1

Globetrotter Cartographer and Experienced Traveller Download: – 1PDF C2A0

Experienced Traveller FoundryVTT Download: – 1

If you are on Experienced Traveller tier, the regular map pack and PDF pack will be available for you through Globetrotter Cartographer Master Post (as seen above).

Thank you for your support! I believe these maps will enrich your journey and create some unforgettable adventures! C2A0Any feedback is extremely welcomed.

If you would like to see specific variations in future or have any ideas in how I can make this experience even better for you, please let me know.

Here is the preview of the tier rewards for this map:

Check it out!