Lakeside Islet

Sometimes even your party needs to take a relaxing stroll through nature. C2A0No ruins, no sacrificial alters, and especially no flaming skulls who mock you for your “weak mortal shell”. C2A0Nothing malicious would be in a place so calm, right?

Here is a teaser for the encounter, It Comes at Night:
While travelling along the coast, the party comes across a small islet less than a few dozen feet away from the main shoreline. Two rows of pole-mounted torches suggest a barely-submerged pathway leading from the shoreline to the islet. A dying tree, its canopy leafless, emerges from the ground in the middle of the islet and rises to a height of nearly twenty feet. Heavy-looking, manacled chains are locked around its trunk.

When the characters set foot on the islet, they can see deep scratch marks left in the bark of the tree and in the surrounding earth and stone. A character who makes a successful DC 12 Wisdom (Nature) check of the scratch marks can determine that they must have been left by a creature at least the size of a bear, if not larger. A character who makes a successful DC 13 Wisdom (Perception) check finds items of interest resting at the base of the tree E28094 a leatherbound notebook, a quill, and an iron key.

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$2 Rewards – Lakeside Islet + Dead Tree Variant (It Comes at Night variant)C2A0

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