Magical Forest Set 10

Greetings adventurers!

Welcome back to our neck of the woods, where we’re nearing the end of our journey through these forests! This month, we have a whole set of Transylvania-styled dhampir-traversed woods for those of you who do want to take the path less-trodden.

This whole set has a snow variant to it in two forms, one where the snowfall has warped the whole landscape and one with only a light flurry and grass still seen. Broadly, the map’s divided on an east-west spectrum by a ruined castle on an unpassable ridge, connected only by small pathways and dangerous outcrops.

In this very first set, we’ve got two paths into the area and one of the first small path connecting east and west in these two maps, followed by a ruined tower and a small (ex) bridge from which you can ambush or be ambushed from!

To the immediate south is the most complete part of the surviving castle, a perfect stage from which one could perhaps, summon the winter to these areas, making the eastern lake perfectly passable.

The path easily opens southwards!

These four maps combine like this to form this area. There’s a HD JPEG available too with a plate extension that extends the forest to have more forest backdrop. It’s not meant to be traversable, but is there for flavor and as ground for war-fog.

And that’s all for this set, stay with us for the next! (And be sure to check out the next destination poll here!)C2A0