Magical Forest Set 12

Greetings, adventurers, and welcome back to the final part of these woods!

In this one, we’ve got the southernmost edge of the map, where after either a stroll through the path or a precarious crawl through a frozen lake, under a bridge, and across craggy cliffsides, one arrives at the ruins of a village.

Most of these doors have been flung either inwards or outwards, and signs of barricaded doors abound. At some point the villagers must have received an unwelcomed guest with a strong dislike of doors. Perhaps some hint remains of what happened to the region is buried about town:

The south and southwestern exits also provide entryways for reverse trips in which one discovers the abandoned village before scaling stonier heights! The region locks in like this:

And that’s all for this set, folks! This one will the very last of our forest set, and we’ll be exploring a new region soon once the polls come in (vote here!). Those should close in a week, and we’ll know where we’re headed to then!