May Release Preview

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A huge thank you to all our patrons once again! We’ve made it through another month, and I’m so happy and grateful for everyone’s support. Erin and I feel really lucky to be able to make this art and share it with you all. I hope you’ll continue to post your prints and paints on Discord and social media, and send us your wonderful comments!C2A0

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This is month 2 of our Pirate Crew, and what pirate collection would be complete without a sea monster?? The Dire Clam is an eldritch horror borne of Erin and Paul’s imaginations, and I hope it makes a perfect BBEG (or display piece) for everyone! We also have more colorful crew members, like the surly Budgekin Bosun, the Cavy Pirate Cook, a big platy Navigator, some chaotic Pyraja, and an adorable fishy to complete your inevitable high-seas diorama.C2A0

TheBetaMarie has once again created a stellar set of bases in both square and circular format, this time with the theme of a deserted island! I’m sure this is the pirate cove where The Budgerigar weighs anchor, a mysterious place with ancient stone carvings and temple ruins. And of course, renders by Calrais!

Some of you will be earning your third month in May, so watch out for the updated MMF files. You should receive a notification, but if you don’t, check your Library -> Objects shared with me. Patrons of April will receive their MMF files in early May. If you want to download/print during the month, make sure to use the Dropbox link to grab the files.

Our throwbacks have some fishy fiends for the pirate crew to fight against, as well as a classic mini (Temur), and Acharya the Noctuoidea moth mage! You might want to check out Black Magic Craft’s video where he created a Feywild scene for Acharya using only dollar store materials.C2A0

On the 5E stats front, Ben once again went into tax season, so I’m not sure when he’ll emerge F09F98A5. If anyone is interested in making stats for our collections (at this point it’s nearly a year’s backlog…) please email me ( with some samples of stats you’ve made before, or contact me on Discord (androidia#3321). This is a paid position. It’s hard to replace or supplement Ben, however, because he spends so much time and care crafting the stats. All of them end up getting play tested and bounced off DM’s to ensure the stats are not just playable and balanced, but also fun to play against. We don’t want the 5E stats to be just a checklist item; anyone can generate some generic stats C2A0but not everyone can write their own abilities that are fun, cinematic, and balanced for the CR…

If you’re interested in the lore, check out the full CobraCompendium, or read this month’s lore below:

Temen – Boondaburra Navigator

Temen serves as The BudgerigarE28099s navigator, guiding the ship through the complex and dangerous currents between Boondaburra and the mainland. HeE28099s a gentle soul who prefers his books and charts to the usual violence of pirate life. However he also acts as the main muscle of the crew, and his impressive strength has gotten them out of several sticky situations. His usual weapon is an old anchor from the first ship he ever sailed with.

Nurma, Cavy Pirate Cook

Nurma is a bit of a mystery to most of the crew. She doesnE28099t talk much and has the deliberate and slow manner characteristic of the Cavy, but makes for an implacable foe. An expert with the cleaver, she uses it both for food prep and for attacking (much to the disgust of most of the crew). Even the Captain avoids getting on NurmaE28099s bad side. Despite her temper, she is an excellent cook and has a surprisingly deft hand for plating and presentation.

Pot-bellied Mahuna

Adorable fish, known for its delicious fatty belly.

Pyraja Pirates

Not everyone in the crew of The Budgerigar is a Boondaburra native. For example, this trio of Pyraja joined after being picked up just off the coast of the Reed Sea. Unruly and uncouth, they often rub Captain Siduri the wrong way, but theyE28099ve been faithful sailors and crew to her nonetheless.

Zigan, Budgekin Bosun

A truly salty dog, Zigan was the original Bosun of The Budgerigar when it was captured. He doesnE28099t really care who gives the orders as long as he gets paid, so he agreed to stay on. Tougher than an old boot and twice as strict, his job is to keep the rowdy crew in line and on task. Even the notoriously lazy and chaotic Pyraja will step lively when he comes on deck. Considered good luck, Budgekin are always welcome on every ship, even without ZiganE28099s notable skills.

Sertap, Dire Clam God

Exalted of the sea, Sertap is an intelligent, ancient, and monstrous god whose power is immense and terrifying. Worshipped and feared as the Scourge of the Boondaburra Seas, all sailors toss a gold coin into the water to soothe SertapE28099s wrath before a voyage. Their superstitions say that Sertap loves treasure above all, and keeps a vast hoard somewhere in the watery depths. Sertap itself has no particular feelings about this ritual however, and has been known to devour any ships it encounters, regardless. Making its briny domain in the deepest reaches of the sea, Sertap rises to the surface periodically in order to hunt and feed, and is especially attracted to magical items or persons.

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