May the Rat be with you !

Hello Everyone and havea great may release , May the rat be with you…

because after more than a year and an unexpected Ghost rat ( Aka the Dark reaper, our first loyalty gift ) a new force emerge from the shadows … SHADOW STALKERS are out for a kill !

Those are a race of vermin living in the shadows and the night. They are between two forms that makes them quite an ethereal force, kinda ghosty. Let’s see what they have poisonly cooked for you for this first wave.

This first release will focus on their vanguards. Their assassins crew.

The sneaky stabbers for instance are used to track and kill regular foes when they need… sneaky operations. From melee to range they can do their job the way you want to .

Then we got the silent executioners. Those guys can shoot, from afar, from the darkest spot and without a single sound except the death whisper of their target.

Finally , the most terrifying things from this army… the Shadow king. Some say he is unique, others that they are a special kin amongst the shadowstalkers. In the end, few people survive those giant ghost death god rats to talk about it …

Hope you guys will like the new force enough so we can discover what other trickery the shadows can offer.

Oh and off course ,we also have a throwback file ! This month Stellar riders are back to ride aside ( but not too close ) this new vermin. What great way to start your month.

The release will contains :

A Sneaky Stabber Melee Squad : 10 models including a leader

A Sneaky Stabber Distance Squad : 10 models including a leader

A Silent executionner Squad : 6 models

A Shadow King : Big mutlipart set

A Stellar rider squad ( throwback file ) : 9 models including a leader set. (mounts and riders are separated files )

The release will be available to download today on both Tribes and Patreon !

Check it out!