Parrot Behemoth E28093 Huge beast, unaligned

April’s Huge Monster Poll was quite exciting E28093 Beast & Construct got the exactly same amount of votes. What better occassion to work on two huge creatures! I made a post for each of the releases. Find the other one over here: Copper ColossusC2A0

As with all exclusive huge creatures, art, token and the monster page are available to all my patrons! Thank you so much – your support means a lot to me!E299A5

Since the Parrot behemoth is related to the Parrot Grub, I attached the stats for that one to the Critter Collectors‘ Rewards as well. Patrons of all other tiers can find the Parrot Grub’s stats over here.

REWARDS Critter Collector

Art | Token | Monster Page | Monster Page E28093 Parrot GrubC2A0

REWARDS Critter Caretaker

Art | Token | Monster PageC2A0

REWARDS Critter Connoisseur

Art | Token | Monster PageC2A0

REWARDS Critter Curator

Art | Token | Monster PageC2A0

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