The Skybridge

Dimensions – 57 x 39 [grid squares]

Pixel dimensions (full-sized map) – 7980 x 5460 pixels

DPI – 140 pixels per inch grid square

Hey everyone!

Time for the 2nd map for April. This monthE28099s cyberpunk battle map is called E2809CThe SkybridgeE2809D.

About This Map

The Skybridge is a battle map about two monolithic high-rise buildings connected by a couple of sky bridges that rests high above a sprawling and very active metropolis at night time.

This area of the city is particularly interconnected. Many of the high-rise structures have similar skybridges and monorail tracks to allow foot traffic to flow from one building to the next. Perhaps the ground traffic is way too congested and the air quality is at semi-toxic levels? IE28099ll leave the narrative to you guys.

A point of interest: you will notice a Japanese-looking temple like structure present on the map that appears to be growing out of one of the towers. This is a grand hotel complex run by the Yakuza. I will be fleshing out maps relating to that in the near future. Stay tuned.

Note: This skybridge is not part of the Arcology Series that I have been working on, but something separate. However, there is nothing preventing you from using this map in conjunction with other Arcology Series maps.

Map Variants


Two warring factions (or gangs) who have secured a tower each to themselves. A temporary truce had been agreed to and the skybridge has been set up as a de-militarized zone. When opposing faction meetings are required, they happen on the bridge where no weapons are allowed.

It will be interesting to see how you guys go with running such a scenario, or something similar.

Crashed AV

A small transport aerial vehicle carrying valuable cargo or a certain VIP that your players will want to get to, has made an emergency crash landing on the skybridge.

A Patreon supporter, E2809CSlappinFaceE2809D suggested a brutal narrative: a VIPE28099s AV has crashed and the players have to rescue him/her before the VIP gets mauled by gang members. But they have to fight their way up the towers to get to the sky bridge.C2A0

If you are using the skybridge as part of the Arcology setting, C2A0then they’ve seriously got their work cut out for them.C2A0

Art Process

The Skybridge battle map is huge. I think this is the largest image that I have painted to date. All the details that were required to make this city look alive, set me back about 12 full days of work.C2A0

Over the next few days, I will be releasing a full time-lapse video that shows me painting this thing from start to finish. If you want to be notified when that video goes live, do follow me on Twitter or Facebook.C2A0

That’s all for now folks. Let me know how you like this map and have fun!

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