Warlock – Patrons, Boons, and Invocations v2.0.0 – Public Release!

Hey all, back with a L A R G E update to my compendium of Warlock goodies! Some new and updated content here with a Patreon exclusive Patron, Alternate Pact Boon, and set of Eldritch Invocations!

The Archmage (Updated) – Pledge yourself to the service of a powerful wizard (or sorcerer …or warlock …or even a bard?)

The Coven (Updated) – Wield the strange magic of Hags and form a Coven!

The Elder Sphinx (Updated) – Channel the divine time-magic of these Guardians.

The Great Wyrm (Updated) – Why wasn’t this in Fizban’s???

The Mummy Lord (NEW) – Carry out the will of your extremely dry Patron!

The Primeval Growth (Updated) – Serve the anger of ancient forests!

The Titan (Updated) – Do you like to be BIG? This is how you do it!

The Unblinking (NEW) – Serve a paranoid Beholder with eldritch eye magic!

The Wild Hunt (Updated) – Serve the savage Wild Hunt with this marital Warlock!

Alternate Archfey & GOO (NEW) – Bring your Fey and Eldritch Patron up to speed with the current state of 5e with these updated Otherworldly Patrons!

[Patreon Exclusive] The Legendary Hero (NEW) – Channel the heroic power of an ancient adventurer hero with this marital warrior warlock!

Check it out!