Wonderful Wizard Waterfall

Hey everyone! Lots of maps today as we finally found time to post. 🙂

Welcome to the Wonderful Wizard Waterfall. This is a crafty wizard’s house perched on a ledge beside a waterfall. We liked the thought that the wizard was harnessing the raw power of the waterfall in his studies… or maybe they just liked the view. The interior has 4 floors to it, including a basement full of dragon bones!

Today we want to give two shoutouts, firstly: Jesse (who designed this map) now has his own Patreon which creates awesome maps and tokens. It’s called Map Hatchery, check it out!C2A0

And secondly, our new daily 5e monster patreon Questiary just hit $1k in patrons, which is a big milestone for us! We just switched on annual discounts of 10% and there’s also an early bird tier with 45% off with 100 slots left in it. If you want some cool new monsters for your games, please check out Questiary!

We’ll be back in May with a multi-level flying cafe/tavern/inn, a jail in hell, a beachside bazaar and more! Thanks everyone for being our wonderful supporters. 🙂