Beasts of the Obrecass Mountains

Behold! Three mountainous beasts, with guest art by the talented Kiretop. C2A0These creatures offer a slice of the vibrant ecosystem within the Obrecass Mountains, a vast and rugged mountain range within the C2A0Strugglerverse.C2A0

Blastland Macaque
Blastland Macaques are hardy monkeys that live within the volcanically active Blastland. They are completely at home amongst the geysers, earthquakes, avalanches, and eruptions that shake their habitat, and can be seen lounging in hot springs or fooling around on cliffsides without a care in the world.
C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0If attacked, a troop of blastland macaques will retreat to higher ground and pelt the attackers with rocks from above. These monkeys are smart enough to lead creatures into natural hazards such as hidden drops or pools of boiling water.

Hollow Horn
Hollow Horns are a species of mountainous goat that resemble an oversized markhor. True to their name, their massive spiraling horns are hollow and connected to the sinuses, allowing the hollow horn to emit a trumpeting bellow from within the horn itself. They do this when they feel threatened, to warn and rally others in their herd. This extremely loud sound is known to cause avalanches, and locals are careful to avoid spooking hollow horns for this reason.

Dropcats are mountain-dwelling ambush predators that leap from cliffs onto their prey. Like a cross between a flying squirrel and a tiger, the dropcatE28099s limbs are connected by large folds of skin that act as a parachute, allowing it to swiftly and silently descend from any height without harm to itself. Between its gliding pounce and camouflaged fur patterning, a dropcat is extremely hard to spot before itE28099s on top of you.
C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0Once prey has been subdued, dropcats carry it to higher ground and hide it in a cave or crevice for safe dining2E If an ambush is unsuccessful, a20dropcat doesnE28099t hesitate to flee20just as quickly as it appeared.

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