New Loyalty Model. CEternal Lich!

Hello everyone!
It is time for Season 2 – 12 Months Tier Loyalty Reward, and what a reward it is!
The Eternal Lich is here.

The Eternal Lich reward will be added to your MMF Libraries around 10th of May. In order to download it, search for the “NEW – Titan Forge Miniatures 12 months Loyalty Rewards” object in your library.

Loyalty Reward Rules Recollection

We introduced our Loyalty System to reward those who stay with us for long periods of time. Sometimes, the monthly content is not 100% useful for you right away but if you support us nonetheless, you are rewarded with the awesome loyalty models.

Initially, we have had a fixed road plan of models that you would get after every three months and every supporter would be able to get every reward eventually. As our Patreon kept functioning, and we kept releasing the Loyalty Model every 3 months, the road has become longer and longer. Additionally, it started to lack the element of a cool surprise announcement that you are getting right away or even soon.

Recently, with your great feedback, we have evolved the system in a way to bring back the appeal. The Loyalty System is now divided into a tier system with annual seasons.

– There will be 4 tiers (3 months tier, 6 months tier, 9 months tier, and 12 months tier)
– All new models will be added to one of those tiers accordingly to the month they are released in.
– Patreons that manage to reach 3/6/9/12 months in a row will get access to all models from the 3/6/9/12 months tier.

Current rewards look like this:

Hope you like it 🙂

TF Crew

Check it out!