Open Post – May Release – Lost Crusade

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The Order of the Crimson Flame exists to rid the world of corruption and impurity. Its knights set out from the Pirine Stronghold and travel across the land to purge any otherworldly or magical taint. For the most part, they keep the common people safe from dangerous monsters and spellcasters of ill intent. However, it is the Order that says who or what is corrupted. An unlucky innocent might wake up as a heretic requiring cleansingE28094usually by fire or blade.

Distant War. The foundation of the Crimson Flame reaches back more than four centuries to the invasion by the fiendish armies of Hellstorm. The Order was created by the most devout and powerful warriors and priests of the Herionan Kingdom under the Grand Marshal Fereal2E She led her army against the fiendish horde and tossed them back to the underworld. For her bravery and an unbreakable will, the God of Fire and Light imbued Fereal with divine powers. She ascended to become a celestial being herself and a conduit of divine powers for the OrderE28099s members.

Unseen Threat. After their victory, the Crimson Flame raised the Pirine Stronghold on the slope of a mountain overlooking the portal to Hellstorm. The structure serves as the OrderE28099s headquarters and garrison that shall stand as the first, and hopefully only, guard against the inevitable future attack of the fiends. Over the centuries, corruptive Hellstorm energies started seeping through the dormant portal affecting the Crimson Flame members ever so slightly.

Corruption Within. The people living in the closest vicinity to the Pirine Stronghold fear the OrderE28099s wrath. With each passing year, its members grow more frantic and unreasonable. They see subtle signs of otherworldly corruption almost everywhere, even in an idyllic farmstead, yet not within their own ranks. Grand Marshal Fereal has not left the walls of the stronghold for several decades and some sages from the capital suspect she has fallen victim to the Hellstorm taint herself.

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