After a long month, weE28099ve finally done it! The titanic Zaratan Lodge Megature is alive! This island size miniature measures 2 feet across. ItE28099s designed for FDM printing and comes unsupported. It has modular parts to customize your unique Zaratan.

The Zaratan model is now available on MyMiniFactory to the Veteran Trapper and Explorer Tier!

Thanks for your patience and support while we created this special model.

The Zaratan Lodge

Quick to accept and implement local traditions, the Dragon Trapper’s Lodge in the Letonan Isles is built upon the back of a Zaratan itself. The lodge is not, however, the only structure on the massive beast. It is the center of a full settlement that has been built on the creature’s back, with a focus on mercantile operations that supports an entire economy. The lodge is led by a Koholan named Reson, whose wisdom and foresight have seen his people through many hardships even before the introduction of the lodge to this area. He personally raised and trained the Zaratan on which the lodge is based, and as such, the lodge can control the direction of their travel, moving their home to their destination rather than needing to embark on a sailing expedition of their own. While the lodge makes certain to handle any threats that arise in this area, its members are also careful to maintain the natural balance, and the order that is so important to the peoples of these islands. Eliminating a threat at the cost of the natural order is a recipe for disaster if the ancient spirits of the isles are angered in the process. As such, the lodge’s members make certain to temper their interventions with wisdom and prudence.

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