Moon and Sun Draglette E28093 Tiny dragons, chaotic neutral

It was a great pleasure to work with Chauncy Felisz! Based on her fabulous concept and artwork of the Moon Draglette, I had the honor to paint its flowery counterpart E28093 the Sun Draglette. You can find more of Chauncy Felisz’s work over at her Instagram Page or on her website E28093 IE28099m in love with all the wonderful creatures she designs!

The rewards contain the artwork, tokens & stats for both E28093 the Moon & Sun Draglette!

REWARDS Critter Collector

Art | TokensC2A0

REWARDS Critter Caretaker

Art | Tokens | Monster PagesC2A0

REWARDS Critter Connoisseur

Art | Tokens | Monster PagesC2A0

REWARDS Critter Curator

Art | Tokens | Monster PagesC2A0

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