Mount Ottermack E28093 Dwarven Ruins, Miners, and Kobolds

You can now visit Garm’s Mount Ottermack, a mountain adventure setting featuring dwarven ruins, active C2A0mining tunnels, and nasty kobolds!C2A0

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Delve into the mines and dwarven halls of Mount Ottermack, a peak riddled with tunnels and historyE280A6 and kobolds!

Welcome C2A0to Mt. Ottermack, a mountain with a rich history. Once, a mighty colony C2A0of dwarves lived here, but they met with great misfortune. Now, a C2A0dragon is trapped in the mountain, and its kobold followers torment a C2A0mining town at the base. Does your region have some mountains in need of C2A0intrigue? Do your players like delving into abandoned settlements? Then C2A0this article is for you…

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