Your 2-Minute April Update

Hi there, and happy April! It’s been a fun month and we’ve made some cool stuff, so please settle in for a hearty recap.

First up, we have our maps and tokens. As we skipped over Connor in February, this month we have two from him! They are a real treat, and are joined by a Dwarven Vault by myself and 200 new tokens from the team. Here are the links to find out more:

  • The Dwarven Vault by Ross McConnell
    My 44×32, Zelda-inspired dungeon that requires a series of valves to be turned to lower the lava level and reveal the brimming treasure room…
  • The Fantasy Stadium by Connor Johnston (CocosTreasuryOfTokens)
    A large 44×32 stadium surrounds a play field of earth packed down hard by decades of boots and spilled blood.
  • The Ancient Desert Ritual Room by Connor Johnston (CocosTreasuryOfTokens)
    Blood trickles and pools in the center of a large tomb scattered with dubious scrolls and lit by magical green light2E..
  • 200 New Tokens by Austin and David
    Conveniently packaged, pre-colored, ready-to-play versions of the tokens we created this month.

We had a rather quiet month in terms of article releases, but we really enjoyed these ones and have more cooking in the background! Our new releases are a new encounter by Troy and a homebrew ruleset from yours truly.

Truth be told I’m a little behind now on DMs, emails, and all that stuff, so I hope to get on top of that and then dive right back into the cave system and stone floor textures I’ve been working on. From the rest of the team we have something ‘magic school’ and something ‘science fiction’ brewing, so all in all I think April is going to be a good time. I’m looking forward to getting them into your hands.

You’ll hear again from me soon, as I hope to write a guide to running the Dwarven Vault and its variations. The valves system isn’t rocket science, but it’s definitely complex enough to warrant a walk-through.C2A0

Thank you sincerely for your continued support, and for making all this possible! And if you have any more requests or feedback, please let us know in the comments. 🙂

Have a good one,
E28093 Ross

Your Exclusive Patreon Content

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