May Minis

Hi all! So I’ve got a LOT of stuff to get uploaded and I’m running behind a bit due to family commitments (and losing track of the date too – I totally thought today was the 1st!).
I’ll add links to this months stuff after this post and that includes the first batch of spear armed guards. The second batch will follow today or tomorrow as I’ve just had zbrush crash whilst adding the final detail to the last 20 guards, so I’ll need to redo that lot and get them posted up.

Theres also another mini that I totally forgot was needed for this month so theres a bonus mini taking this months total up to a whopping 48 minis!C2A0

Rayla Mantlemourne is a young female Hellrider who is looking for information in the Low Light Tavern, and could be an excellent companion NPC for your players! Or she could just be a real badass female fighter PC if you prefer 🙂 The remaining NPCs still need to be sculpted and will be added over the next week, and the supports for the guards are being tested and will be shared once they’ve all been verified. Bear with me on this – I should be caught up soon and back on track for next month!



Check it out!