Spelljammer: Tears of the Moon – Dragonfly Ship (The Artemis)

I’m sure everyone is incredibly excited thanks to Wizards of the Coast’s officially announcing Spelljammer’s return to Dungeons and Dragons! Well, those of us working on Tears of the Moon certainly are. I know my form with posting on here has been patchy at best, but we now have a rather large repository of assets in the bank to release to you all over a steady period of time (perhaps once a week or so, depending on the availability of resources and artists).

With that, I should probably get on to the subject of this post, the party’s very own Dragonfly class Spelljammer, the Artemis! Custom built by the great Dwarven Wonder Wright, Fargrim Firesbane, this vessel is fitted with all kinds of amenities and alterations. Take for one, the grasping leg stilts that can hook on to objects, the magical suspension and its unique balancing systems. This Dragonfly is tailor made to ferry a small group of crew members over long voyages in relative comfort.C2A0

If you’re interested in checking out what these awesome assets are being produced for, click the links below!

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Big props to the amazing, Gaston S Garcia for his work on this piece! (their Artstation profile).

Check it out!