Beware the Snallygast E28093 5E Encounter

Hi there!

This week we have the snallygast E28093 a monstrous fey bird-reptile creature inspired by American-German frontier folklore.C2A0

Make-a-Marvel Backer Rick Barry has made the base design and aesthetic for the monstrous snallygast for our upcoming book Milando’s Guide to Magical Marvels (available on pre-order, wink-wink!)C2A0

We loved the snallygast so much we couldn’t help but go to work with it immediately and figured we might as well make an encounter out of it!C2A0

So, here’s Beware the Snallygast, a fun little road encounter that includes the snallygast (CR 10), a snallygast amulet (Uncommon), a Road Encounter Map (30×20), and, of course, a full encounter description.


Check it out!