Wonderland, Ravnica, and The Temple of Set

C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0I got one room typed for the Temple of Set today. C2A0I wanted to get more done, but it was a long week at work, and my family has had a cold and I think it is now my turn to be sick.

C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0I have decided that on the days I work depending on what week it is, I will be writing on Ravnica projects and Wonderland, because I am not taking my computer to work. C2A0But on the days that I don’t work I really need to get as much typing done on the Temple of Set so I can get it out.

C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0C2A0Than after that is done, I will get Mt. Kolob done, and then I can go back to working on Ravnica and Wonderland.

Check it out!