May’s Rewards Sent!

Good day!

We’re pleased to tell you that May’s reward bundles are finished and live, and codes have been sent to your Patreon inbox. In that message you’ll find links to claim the full products on DTRPG and have then added to your account there. Once they’re added to your account you can download them whenever, but please do claim the codes within 2 months.

The VTT and Foundry vaults have been updated too, so check those out!

There’s also a couple of fantastic supplements – one for St Caligo, and one for the Infernal Prisons that we released last month. Check the supplements hereC2A0

Once again, thanks so much for your support! It means the world to us!

Joe & Sarah

p2Es. We forgot to preview St Gerrin Sewer Map 5 and Petraluna Prison Mine Map 5. Don’t have a preview pic of the Prison Mine (it’s good though!) but here’s a pic of Sewer Map 5 – a cavern below the sewer, filled with poison gas!

p.p.s It’s the last day of our May the Fourth sale at DTRPG!

Check it out!